High-quality oil for the circulation systems of cross-head diesel engines.

The LUKOIL NAVIGO 6 SO oil ensures the reliable and durable operation of the main units of up-to-date cross-head marine diesel engines, especially under rugged conditions. The oil has been developed for the circulation systems of low-speed primary diesel engines operating on heavy high-sulfur oil fuels, as well as for auxiliary diesel engines operating on diesel fuel.


The LUKOIL NAVIGO 6 SO oil is recommended for application, mainly, as an oil bath lubrication material for up-to-date high-power low-speed cross-head diesel engines, specifically for primary marine diesel engines with piston cooling by oil. It minimizes deposit formation that ensures the effective piston cooling and prevents piston head burning-out and piston crown cracking. The excellent lubricating properties of the LUKOIL NAVIGO 6 SO oil ensure the durability of heavy-duty diesel engine parts, and its capacity to easily purge water during separation makes it a superb oil for the circulation lubrication systems of integral-hp cross-head diesel engines with water piston cooling.