LUKOIL STEELO RS are high quality oils for heavy loaded industrial gearboxes and rolling-mills.
LUKOIL STEELO RS offer excellent performance due to carefully selected highly refined base stocks with high viscosity index and special additive package containing sulfur and phosphorus. Optimal ratio of EP, antioxidantion, antifriction and demulsifying properties allow using LUKOIL STEELO RS oils effectively in various components and units of industrial equipment. Have a high load bearing capacity and meet the current mill rate.

LUKOIL STEELO RS are recommended for industrial gearboxes and units with steel gears, where EP oils are required. The applications include bearings, wheel, warm and screw gears in different industrial equipment, as well as oil circulation and mist lubricating systems.

The product name in an order:
Industrial Gear oil LUKOIL STEELO 100 RS, STO 79345251-031-2009
Industrial Gear oil LUKOIL STEELO 220 RS, STO 79345251-031-2009
Industrial Gear oil LUKOIL STEELO 460 RS, STO 79345251-031-2009


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